Montana national guard aircrew successfully rescue hikers

CONDON — A Montana Army National Guard medevac team and a HH-60 Blackhawk helicopter successfully rescued two hikers from the Holland Peak area on Monday, Sept. 5, after one of the hikers developed a life-threatening medical condition.  

The Montana Army National Guard Joint Operations Center received an official request at approximately 2 p.m. and began preparing the crew for the mission. Montana National Guard Aircraft #608 and four crew members left the Army Aviation Support Facility at 3:30 p.m. and arrived at the approximate location of the hikers at 4 p.m. Missoula Co. Deputy

Sheriff Ryan Dunster was put on-board the aircraft to aid in locating the hikers.  

The rescue was conducted in turbulent winds, at an elevation of 9,300 feet, according to Capt. Tom Meredith, pilot in command of the mission. The hikers were hoisted, with assistance from a crew member on the ground, approximately 100 feet to the aircraft. Both hikers were on board Aircraft #608 at 5:20 p.m. and transported to the Condon Airfield where they were then transported, by ambulance, to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

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